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Juvenile Defense

It is a parents worst nightmare when crimes are committed by their juvenile child, there is a sense of hope that the offender can be rehabilitated and restore a clean criminal record. Trapanese & Trapanese counsels and represents minors who have been charged with drug offenses, theft, burglaries, criminal mischief, sex offenses, and other crimes, as well as their parents.

He works to safeguard their rights by taking cases to trial to compel the state of New Jersey to prove criminal charges beyond a reasonable of a doubt. we have been successful in many cases obtaining case dismissals, deferred dispositions, or probation for both of first-time and repeat offenders. In all cases, a young person may regain a clean slate immediately or over a period of time.

The goal of the Law Offices of Trapanese & Trapanese, is to help bring about change in the lives of young people who have found themselves in trouble with the law, and set them back on the path to becoming solid, productive students and citizens.